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206 Bird Court
Normal, IL, 61761



I’m passionate about helping people just like you: Ambitious, accomplished people in the caring professions who want to make a difference in this world. Compassionate and creative people who’ve learned, over time and despite their best intentions, to deny their desires to accommodate others’ needs.

The Sex Class

My 9-week Sex Class is rooted in the understanding that sexual energy is the creative life force at its most elemental. When we tend, nourish, and honor this energy within us, we sharpen our creativity, feel more fully our interconnection with all living things, expand our conscious awareness, improve our physical, mental, and spiritual health, and cultivate more intimate relationships with ourselves and others.


Learn to Thrive! In-Person Intensive

 A 9-week course specifically designed for strong, capable, tender, visionary women who want inspiration and skilled guidance about how to practice the self-love they know deep-down is essential to showing up fully in their lives and making a real difference in this world.


Learn to Thrive!

Do you feel restless, tired, or overwhelmed? Do you want more self-confidence, in all areas of your life? Do you want to catalyze your creativity and clarity? Do you want more connection and depth in your relationships? Do you struggle with self-care and making time for yourself? Do you want to feel more alive, energized, and excited about your life? Do you want to experience more community and camaraderie?

I have a FREE solution...


Complimentary Breakthrough Session

You live on purpose, not passively. You’ve worked hard to create a rewarding life. You’re successful and high functioning, but you’ve lost touch with yourself and are conflicted about what it is you really want, or how to get there.

What you do know is that you weren’t meant to play small, and that you long for something more.