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206 Bird Court
Normal, IL, 61761


Learn To Thrive Intensive

Learn to Thrive!

In-Person Intensive

A 9-week course specifically designed for strong, capable, tender, visionary women who want inspiration and skilled guidance about how to practice the self-love they know deep-down is essential to showing up fully in their lives and making a real difference in this world.


learn to thrive! is founded upon the following beliefs:

  • As human beings, we possess an innate love of learning, and feeding this love is essential to flourishing at any age.

  • Curiosity is the antidote to fear, and attention is the greatest form of love.

  • Thriving is something we can learn to do as individuals, and thriving is something we must collectively pursue if we are to survive as a species.

  • Genuine learning happens when we feel safe, seen, and supported.

  • Thriving is not reducible to happiness. Thriving is defined as the capacity for being present to the full range of your experiences. To thrive is to be fully alive: awake, alert, attuned, sensitive, compassionate, self-directed, and of service to others in a way that nourishes and energizes you.

  • Too often we try to avoid painful feelings in the name of self-love, but self-love is a practice of self-acceptance, not exile. Mining the dark nights of the soul is crucial for developing compassion, empathy, vulnerability, and open-heartedness.

  • Internal healing is critical to facilitating external change.

  • Self-love is the gateway to collective healing and making this world a better place for all.

  • Learning to thrive is not something we can do alone. In any ecosystem, isolation equals death; interdependence and interconnection are necessary to flourishing.

  • Learning is the gateway to discovery. Discovery is the portal to wonder. Wonder is the condition of joy. Joy is the universal language of love.

  • You are never too old to learn, and you are never too young to teach. The time is, always, now.

Kirstin Hotelling Zona Learn to Thrive Intensive

What You'll Learn

• How to locate and trust your fundamental goodness & practice genuine self-acceptance

• How to connect with your body’s knowing, and how to integrate that knowing with your thinking/reasoning

• How to identify and revise thoughts that arrest or hinder your fullest potential

• How to recognize fear and discern when to trust it and when to override it

• How to identify shame, how it holds you back, and how to transform it into courage

• How to take healthy risks in order to create/complete/deliver your soul’s true purpose in this lifetime

• How to fail, and how to turn failures into fuel for engaging your full potential

• How to be vulnerable and open while setting and maintaining healthy boundaries

• How to build confidence by setting big goals, staying motivated, doing the work, and achieving what you set out to do


What You'll Experience

We will explore these topics while discussing the real-life, concrete challenges we all face with regard to: purpose, money, relationships, body image, sex, love, parenting, aging, and so much else.

Our classes will be warm, inviting, rigorous, relaxed, nourishing, fun, safe, energizing, and transformative.

To ensure the kind of community-building that any good class necessitates, I am limiting the class size to 10.

Together, we will learn, grow, become more of who we really are, dare, cry, laugh, share, listen, and support each other. Our class will be a place of discovery and sanctuary.

Our pace will respect the fact that we all have busy, rich lives with various responsibilities. I will assign an exercise after each class to help you implement the week’s learning. These assignments will be fun and meaningful, but also doable.

Enrollment is currently closed