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Normal, IL, 61761


The Sex Class

Over the last few years, several of you have asked me to teach a course about sex...

You've told me that you want to learn more about your own sexual pleasure, whether solo or partnered; you want to overcome the shame that you carry with regard to sex; you want to learn to be more fully expressed and comfortable with your sexuality and your sexual desire; you want to feel renewed interest in sex, to jumpstart your sex drive; you feel self-conscious about your body and want to learn to accept and embrace yourself as a worthy, desirable human; you've always felt estranged from your sexual desire, and wonder what might be possible if you connect with that desire. Some of you have trauma around sex and sexuality that keeps you shy, armored, anxious, longing for a seemingly elusive sense of safety. Many of you have healing to do, some of it deep. Nearly every woman I've worked with or talked to about sex wants more confidence, intimacy, and joy in the bedroom, whether she is partnered or single.

I want you to know that I've been listening, and have created a course just for YOU.

My 9-week Sex Class is rooted in the understanding that sexual energy is the creative life force at its most elemental. When we tend, nourish, and honor this energy within us, we sharpen our creativity, feel more fully our interconnection with all living things, expand our conscious awareness, improve our physical, mental, and spiritual health, and cultivate more intimate relationships with ourselves and others.

The Sex Class is also a joyous but serious response to the common confusion, shame, reticence, and longing that women so often feel about sex and intimacy. Equal parts focused teaching and open (but guided) sharing/discussion, The Sex Class provides insightful instruction that will empower you as a sexual and sexually actualized woman no matter what your current experience of sex is right now, as well as a safe, nurturing, skillfully-curated community for open and frank discussion of sex and related issues.

Together, we will cover topics such as:

• Anatomy ( Clothes remain on!) • Female pleasure (there is SO much available to us!) • Self-pleasure/self-care (it all starts here...) • Sexual trauma and how to heal it (I've been there, as have many of the women I work with...) • Blocks to sexual desire and pleasure and how to move through them • How to transform your shame into vulnerability and courage • How to age as a woman with confidence and feel sexier and more alive than ever • How to tap your inherent sexual energy and (re)ignite your sexual desire • The relationship between sexuality and creativity • Spirituality and sexuality • How to discover what you really like and how to ask for what you want (from yourself or others) • How to give and receive more pleasure • Why pleasure matters (between the sheets and elsewhere) • Orgasm: myths vs. truths, how to have better ones, and why great sex is about so much more... • How to attune to what s/he wants and to give unconditionally • Play! Fantasy, sex toys, porn, and more...

Together, we will get nitty-gritty, talk hands-on and practical. We'll get real about our bodies, our insecurities (I can assure you that whatever yours are, you are not alone), and our deepest desires. We'll get to the heart of what really turns us on, and off--that is, what's going on in our minds.

The Sex Class will be an experience of healing, discovery, enlivening, transformation, and community-making. If you want to feel more confident, courageous, self-loving, open, and creative, this class is for you.


9 Classes
September 18 - November 13 (no class October 10)
Wednesday eves, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
@ Elemental, in downtown Bloomington
Investment: $600, payable in full or in monthly installments of $200