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206 Bird Court
Normal, IL, 61761

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Meghan Lambert

I will be eternally grateful for the skills I have gained, the perspective, and the abundance of joy and responsibility I feel empowered to carry forth. Every aspect of my life has improved, in some areas dramatically: my marriage, my parenting, my career, my friendships, and mostly, my own inner peace and well-being.



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Meghan Lambert

Kirstin has been my advisor, editor, accountability partner, and encourager (even cheerleader) along the way. She has opened up new doors for me professionally and personally that I would have never imagined walking through before. Kirstin has helped me transform my thinking, and therefore my life.


Psychotherapist, specializing in addiction and recovery

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Meghan Lambert

Kirstin’s kind, gentle, and nonjudgmental approach was invaluable to make me feel compelled to look inside myself, to bravely ask myself why, to fearlessly chart my life’s course forward, to leave anger and judgement behind, and to replace it with empathy, compassion, and love.



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Meghan Lambert

My life has deepened and expanded in ways I hadn’t imagined possible. The daily texts with Kirstin and her careful consideration in her responses to me keep me both grounded and inspired as I reach for MORE in myself and my life. It works.


Associate Dean, Illinois State University

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Meghan Lambert

I have re-discovered hobbies I am passionate about; I have stronger relationships with family and friends, and I have even started seriously dating again after a divorce, something that seemed nearly impossible a year ago! 

— Jen

Banking Leadership, Psychology Graduate Student

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Meghan Lambert

Being able to consult with Kirstin regarding the best next steps for my business brought a lot of comfort and clarity. The encouragement she gives is sincere and really helped motivate me to continue to pursue my dreams.


Yoga Specialist and Blogger,

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Meghan Lambert

If you are looking for a safe space filled by one who will share a genuine and loving curiosity about your story and push you to discover your own authentic potential, look no more. You won’t regret investing in you.


Certified Nurse Midwife and Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

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Kirstin Hotelling Zona

"My work with Kirstin has enabled me to forge a relationship with myself like I've never known. I am now able to have my own back and truly love myself and my past in a way that has been so healing!!"


Author, LMT, CYT, CHHC, Pathways to Health, Master Life Coach

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Kirstin Hotelling Zona

"Kirstin’s ability to remember explicit details about my work is amazing, and directly impacts how honestly we work together. She is an objective and caring listener, and gives honest and compassionate feedback."


Author, CEO/Owner of Write On, Author’s Coach, and Founder of An Ordinary Woman

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