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206 Bird Court
Normal, IL, 61761



Committed to alleviating suffering through the cultivation of awareness, Full Potential Coaching is more than a matter of improving your lifestyle: it is a portal to living a fully-expressed life in service of building sustainable, thriving communities and realizing the future we want—and need—to co-create.

You're committed to the cultivation of awareness. You want more than a lifestyle—you want a life fully expressed. You work in service of inspiring, healing, or educating others, while your own full potential feels neglected. You want to co-create. I can help.

As a certified Master Life Coach, I work with women who are committed to making a difference in this world, who have worked hard to craft lives of meaningful purpose, but who wonder, deep-down, if "this is it." My clients include artists, writers, academics, physicians, nurses, midwives, psychiatrists, therapists, theologians, scientists, coaches, and creative entrepreneurs--people who've often learned to measure success by self-sacrifice, and who struggle to reconcile the demands of a questing, creative life with the calling to inspire, heal, or educate others.

Skilled at both self-analysis and self-denial, my clients come to me feeling torn between their commitment to a life they take pride in and a persistent sense of overwhelm, exhaustion, confusion or disconnect. Despite inhabiting lives that appear successful and even noble, my clients can't shake the sense that there's something more they’re meant to experience or express. As their coach, I teach my clients how to embrace this inner voice and harness it's potent truth: that it's only when we commit to engaging our full potential (in all its messiness,  glory, and contradictions) that we're able to move farthest beyond ourselves to touch others in the most impactful ways we possibly can.  

Full Potential Coaching is a commitment— to yourself, to those you love and serve, to the worlds you inhabit and shape.

Commitment, in turn, is a means by which we deliberately face what we’re afraid of. In fact, one of the key rewards of coaching with me is that you’ll learn not only to face but to embrace, rather than flee from, your fears. This step is crucial to your personal evolution and to the staying power of your investment.

As your coach, I will teach you how to access and engage your most potent source of transformation: authentic desire.

The opposite of attachment or craving, desire is the feeling of inspired aliveness that catalyzes your creativity, your capacity for loving connection with others, your resilience, your problem-solving faculties, and that deep-belly sense of rightness and belonging that we often refer to as “purpose.”

When we are living in alignment with our authentic desire, know how to embrace our fears rather than flee them, and take action from a place of self-love instead of lack, a fulfilled life of purposeful meaning and impactful service are not at odds.

For those of us devoted to making a genuine difference in this world, working towards this integration in our own lives is key.